Watch This Now: The Uncluded – “Alligator”

“All your friends are smoking shit, and fingering, and going down…”

Guys! Guys! You guys! The Uncluded album is out in the world! Aesop RockKimya Dawson! Together! Songs! The ultimate sugar-and-spice collab of the year! Can you tell I’m excited? Holy shit, I’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time. The album, Hokey Fright, is fantastic. If you’ve been paying attention to this here dealio, you’ll have already checked out the clips for Earthquake and Delicate Cycle; the latter of which is well on its way to becoming my favourite video of the year. So, how does Alligator hold up in comparison? Surprisingly well, actually.

It’s a simple, charming concept, quite similar to Earthquake. In this clip, our heroes decide to take one another on in the most dangerous of all showdowns – a game of squash. No, seriously. That’s it. There’s some menacing shots of both Kimya and Aesop, some hilarious training runs, and footage of the two exhausted after a clearly-rewarding game that runs during the song’s instrumental outro. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s silly, it’s WYSIWYG. But, of course, the burning question remains: Who won? Easy: We did.


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