Watch This If You Dare: Muse – “Panic Station”

“You won’t get to taste it, with your face against the wall…”

Well, shit. Here we are. It’s nearly ten years since Absolution dropped, a record that may as well have just been called The Beginning of the End. That record, for all of its hits, essentially began the band’s transmogrification from rock band with stadium-sized ambition to a stadium band with office-worker-sized ambition. They couldn’t give less of a fuck about anything they do anymore. Want proof? It’s right here in the form of Panic Station.

I’m not going to delve deep into plotlines – there are none to be seen or heard. It’s the three guys in the band running around Tokyo and acting like the utter shitting twat-monkeys that they are. There’s ridiculous costumes, lame dancing and a run of bloopers to make the band feel a little WHACKY! and DOWN WITH THE KIDS LOL! for “good” measure. This video makes a serious dent in The History Of Things I Don’t Have Time For. What a wank this thing is. The only thing worse than these guys trying to be brooding and serious is these guys trying to show how kerrazy they are. It’s nasty business, really. Sorry I had to subject you to it so early in the morning.


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