Watch This If You Dare: Andrew Stockdale – “Long Way to Go”

“There ain’t no need for the pleasantries, ’cause there’s no need to pretend…”

There’s a great song by Kimya Dawson called My Heroes. In it, she details how disgusted and shocked she felt when Michael Jackson and Pee Wee Herman were both arrested on similar charges. “My heroes are falling apart,” she cried in the song’s refrain. Now, while he certainly hasn’t done anything quite as fucked up, I feel like singing the exact same refrain when I see, hear and experience what Andrew Stockdale is doing in 2013.

Rewind to 2005, and you couldn’t get a bad word past me about the guy. I mean, I freaking worshipped this guy. With his band, Wolfmother, they were the biggest rock band in my world for a period. That self-titled album, as derivative as it was, still comes across as a momentous mammoth of a thing. Stockdale was the coolest frontman in Australia, whipping his curls about the joint like nobody’s business and thrashing away on Jimmy Page riffs like they were his. My hero started falling apart when Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, the band’s rhythm section, up and quit the band. Stockdale never recovered, and after years of playing with ring-ins and session guys, he finally decided to pull the plug in 2013 on the Wolfmother name.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he’s stopped making music. With a solo LP on the way, this is our first taste of what’s to come. Naturally, it’s more of the same of the tragic Cosmic Egg record: Lame-duck riffs, uninspired lyrics and a rhythm section that may as well have come from GarageBand. Never fear, though. Stockdale is trying to prove what a wild and kerrazy guy he is by dancing like a dickhead in this we-blew-the-budget video. A bunch of random ring-ins, apparently what was left of Wolfmother at the time of dissolution, dance along. Dance, monkeys. This is literally all you’ve got left. My heroes are falling apart.


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