Watch This Now: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton – “Can’t Hold Us”

“I’m eating at the beat, like you gave a little speed to a great white shark on Shark Week…”

One of my favourite live experiences of 2013 thus far was seeing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis live. At their first ever Australian show, the duo knocked it out of the park with a high-energy set, impassioned and with a point to make. Neither of them are happy to just be “those Thrift Shop guys.” There’s so much more going into what they’re doing here than you’d think on surface value. As far as current pop goes, these guys are about as genuine as you’re going to get. That’s why, today, I can finally applaud them on this here blog. They’re no strangers to great videos – it’s only a matter of proximity and retrospect before we see Thrift Shop as a momentous, sign-of-the-times pop video – but I’ve got to say, Can’t Hold Us has to be up there among their greatest achievements in a still-growing career.

The fact that the video’s shoot was stretched across seven flippin’ continents was impressive enough on paper, but when you really take the whole thing in it’s nothing short of immense. From the open seas to the rough snow-covered forest, the video really gives a great sense of scope and environment. The video’s plotless meandering is irrelevant – we’re talking a pop video here. The fact we go from Macklemore running through the woods to Ryan Lewis diving out of a window doesn’t have to make sense. It just feels right, y’know? Let’s not forget the icing on the cake, either: Whereas many pop videos use radio edits in order to keep up with attention spans and playlists etc., this version of Can’t Hold Us is a good two-and-a-bit-minutes longer than the original. A 12-inch version, if you will. It really adds to the video, as just having the regular version would just mean that it was too packed in to appreciate. With this amount of space, you’ll come out of Can’t Hold Us convinced you’re going to live forever.


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