Watch This Now: Kollektivet – “Hit Song”

“We have to use every trick in the book, and make a hook so good…”

Today, I’m going  to throw in a couple of clips that I normally wouldn’t feature – just because I’m a little bit taken by the out of the ordinary at the moment. This one comes to us from a sketch comedy group in Norway of all places. I was alerted to it this week, given my love of not only excessive and glossy pop videos, but anyone with the right amount of wit to properly lambaste them. Kollektivet have decidedly killed it, ripping the current rave-pop trends set by acts like AviciiSwedish House Mafia and the like.

The clip is based around fictional rockstars STDS (Scandinavian Techno Dance Society), a hapless duo of idiot savants. The group consists of Adam Inkazzo (vocals/lead synth/cool glasses) and Fatswell (vocals/beats/also cool glasses), who introduce their own video for Hit Song. The video takes us to an Orwellian future, where hit music has inexplicably been banished. STDS are the last hitmakers in the world, and it’s up to them to reclaim it. If this sounds completely ridiculous, it’s because it is. I genuinely don’t know what’s funnier – the fact that these guys have nailed this parody with such distinct vitriol and energy; or the fact that I wouldn’t be surprised if a serious act probably sketched out the idea for the video with a bold, confident face before; thinking it would be a brilliant idea. A great idea, and a video highlight of the year thus far from the most unexpected of places.


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