Watch This Now: Disco-Matt MC – “Still Broke”

“Just call me a Holden fan, ’cause I can never afford…”

Here’s an interesting one: When Matt Okine isn’t being one of the funniest observational comedians in the country (he has gear on bread, FFS!), he’s doing the hippity-hop-ya-don’t-stop thing under the moniker of Disco-Matt MC. What a hoot and a holler, right? What’s even crazier is that he’s actually really, really good – probably as good as his stand-up. He has just dropped a brand-new clip for one of my favourite songs from last year’s free mixtape, and I’m pretty stoked to be sharing that with you today.

Seemingly shot entirely within the confines of Okine’s apartment, Still Broke sees Disco-Matt have a bit of fun with his housemates, some ridiculous costume changes and an excessive amount of grated cheese. Fitting with the whole subject matter of being short on cash, the video works remarkably well on its decidedly low budget. It’s charming, it’s funny and it looks like it was an absolute treat to make. Goes to show, like I always say, that you don’t need a million dollars to win me over with your video. Hope we get some more out of Disco-Matt before he starts selling out the Enmore and the Town Hall with his gags. Cereal, bro!


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