Watch This Now: Travis – “Another Guy”

“Say what you want, but it won’t change a thing…”

Truly, truly, truly never thought I’d see the day. I mean, fucking Travis? The fucking Why Does It Always Rain on Me? guys? THAT Travis? Even post-hit, I hadn’t heard from these guys in about nine years or so. Truly just thought they’d quietly parted and been rained on separately. Now, it seems they’re back, having completed their seventh (fucking seventh!) studio album. This is our first taste from it, which they’ve put up for free download on their site. More of interest to me, however, is the cracking video.

Naturally, with a title like Another Guy, your mind has most likely gone all hetero on us and assumed that the song is about a relationship ending because old mate Fran Healy has seen his woman with… well, another guy. Wrong! Wrong! In this delightfully cheap clip – in breathtaking standard definition, I might add – the Travis gang are all mad at one another. In some sort of bizarre Fleetwood Mac
-esque situation, every member of Travis has been involved in a relationship with another. Throughout the course of the clip, they catch each other out – and, by some bizarre twist of fate, all of them have shacked up with the same balding grey dude. How about that, huh? I love the knowing humour and the play on convention that Travis have gone for here. Never thought I’d say it, but it’s great to have them back!


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