Watch This Now: Thee Oh Sees – “Minotaur”

“There is no cure but to stay, stay away without pay…”

I honestly never really picked Thee Oh Sees as the video types. When they’re not busy dropping LPs within months of one another and touring constantly, I figured they’d just leave the whole music-video-making thing to the experts. Nothing against the band at all – I’ve seen them live twice, and they’re an absolute powerhouse – but it just didn’t seem like something they’d go too crazy about. Imagine my surprise, then, when the video for Minotaur ends up in my inbox and my foundations are more or less shattered by its very existence.

The clip, seemingly put together using iMovie and with a budget roughly the size of a snare drum, Minotaur sees the gang going all medieval on our collective arses. Frontman John Dwyer plays the titular minotaur, who is seemingly quite bored with his everyday life of simply punching in and looking after his captive – played by keyboardist Brigid Dawson – who rejects any form of affection given to her by the minotaur. The other two members of the band play knights on a quest to destroy the minotaur… and yet, we somehow end up feeling like they’re the bad guys? Yeah, weird, right? I dunno, there’s just something about Dwyer’s very basic portrayal of the beast that makes me think that he’s not so villainous after all. He’s just doing his best with the cards he’s been dealt in his unfortunate life. Was this TOS’ intention? Hell if I know. Give it a gaze over. See if you see what I see.


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