Watch This Now: Bat for Lashes – “Lillies”

“Tonight I sang a song, a prayer if you will…”

Hullo! Sorry about the lack of posting. Life just gets in the way, y’know? Also, band/artists: Wanna calm it down with the videos for a bit? Had to wade through a tonne. Loving it, of course, but this is a one-man operation we got going on! I’m not Supervideoman! Well, not yet, at least. Anyway, handing in my late pass to gush about one Natasha Khan, whom you’ll know – and hopefully love as much as I do – as Bat for Lashes.

Amazingly enough, we’ve never featured one of her clips on here before, which is quite odd given that What’s a Girl to Do is probably one of my absolute favourite clips of the 2000s. I mean, have you seen that thing lately? Shit is well magical. On the topic of magical, Nat’s clip for Lillies, the opener from her lovely LP from last year, The Haunted Man, sees her team up with director Peter Sluszka and a handful of weird and wonderful creatures. They remind me a lot of Where the Wild Things Are, and the mystic wonder that came with that particular story. Khan’s interactions with the creatures are nothing short of adorable. I also love the animation and the production work, which manages to truly encapsulate the dynamics and the shifts within the song itself. I dunno, I just think it’s a little lovely. Don’t you?


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