Watch This Now: Gossip – “Get a Job”

“Not so cute anymore, now that you’re pushing thirty…”

For my money, A Joyful Noise was one of 2012’s most underrated albums. It certainly didn’t have a “Heavy Cross” or a “Standing in the Way…” among its tracks, but that doesn’t take away from its great songwriting, top-notch production and the fact that Perfect World remains one of their greatest-ever songs. With this in mind, I really hope people give A Joyful Noise a second chance – especially after seeing this very funny clip.

The song itself is a takedown of slacker girls and dodgy housemates, so it’s only fitting that Beth Ditto is as sardonic and bitchy as ever in the clip. Taking on a myriad of jobs, with all the wigs and costumes one could ask for, Ditto tears through the workforce with ease. Whether she’s working the phones, pulling teeth or literally just hitting a piece of wood with a hammer, there’s nothing that Beth can’t do! Sassy and sharp, Get a Job is easily one of the best clips the band have put their name to. What’s that? You haven’t seen it? Well, shit, son, get to work!


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