Watch This Now: Bob Evans – “Go”

“And I couldn’t wait for the time, when I found a heart like mine…”

I don’t think I’ll be offending anyone – least of all the man in question – when I say that Kevin Mitchell (aka Bob Evans) isn’t really cool anymore. He’s a thirtysomething dad who preoccupies himself with sunny acoustic pop, now onto his fourth album under the moniker. Rather than attempt to relive his glory days of the nineties – back in the Jebediah days, where no-one could understand a damn word the kid said – he’s embracing his dagginess. And I couldn’t love him more because of it!

You’ve already seen some of his rosy-cheeked sweetness in clips like Nowhere Without You and Friend, and now you get to see Kev and friends go on a super-cool beach party adventure. Yeah, a bit like the Hey Geronimo one from last year. Much like Carbon Affair, this one also takes a turn when unexpected company rocks up – in this instance, it’s none other than Tim Rogers, who’s here to steal the show and Bob’s hapless date. Will he get away with it? Does our little Bobby have a chance against the guy who wrote Berlin fucken Chair? Guess you’ll have to take 4 minutes of your time to find out, won’t you?


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