Watch This Now: Tyler, the Creator – “Domo 23”

“Shit’s going down, like Rodney King’s swimming lessons…”

You see this here, kids? This picture you see above you is proof alone – to me, at least – that we shouldn’t have been so hasty in collectively dismissing Odd Future. I dunno, there’s just something so wonderfully ridiculous about that photo with your mate and mine Donald Trump that I find so absurd and endearing. I mean, pretty much everyone collectively stopped caring in 2012, but was The OF Tape Vol. 2 that bad? It at least had a handful of great clips that we featured last year – Rella, Oldie and Sam (is Dead). Plus, I still count Frank Ocean as an OF member; and he certifiably killed 2012.

My point is that I have no idea where the group stand now. All I can say is that I’m still on board – especially when it comes to 2013’s promising new albums. Apart from the new Earl Sweatshirt record, we’re also going to get the follow-up to Tyler, the Creator‘s 2011 break-out Goblin, which was easily one of my favourite records of that year. As a means of re-introduction, the video for Domo 23 is as ridiculous as anything the OF crew have ever done. Tyler finds himself in a makeshift wrestling ring with Domo Genesis as his opponent and Earl as the referee. It’s full of slapstick, some gross-out segments and the seemingly obligatory hip-hop thing of including a snippet of another new song at the end. But of course, my horse! I dunno; if you didn’t like them before then you’ll probably hate this yet again – but I still think there’s some greatness left in the Golf Wang collective. Wait and see.


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