Watch This Now: The Uncluded – “Earthquake”

“Her body is gone, but her soul is here to stay…”

There are few things I love more than an odd couple, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that there aren’t that many couples quite as odd as anti-folk troubadour Kimya Dawson and hyper-literate rap fiend Aesop Rock. Talk of their collaborative album has been going around as early as 2011, but only last week was their album officially announced. It’s called Hokey Fright; and the two of them together are officially known as The Uncluded. If that wasn’t enough to whet one’s appetite, how about a new video to go along with it?

Neither artist are strangers to clever or sweet videos – hell, Kimya’s video for Solid and Strong was one of the most adorable clips of 2012 – so it’s no surprise that their first video as The Uncluded is a simple delight of the senses. Located entirely within a bedroom – perhaps the bedroom of Kimya’s kid Panda? – the two play around with toys, keyboards, acoustic guitars and even a swing. I especially adore the sequence during Aesop’s rap in which they dive onto a stuffed-toy shark on the bed. They’re having a world of fun, so why on earth aren’t you? Get uncluded.


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