Watch This If You Dare: Snoop Lion – “Here Comes the King”

“And if you hear me, come and join the revolution…”

And now, for today’s excercise in What The Shit Is Going On Here?, we take to the land of Jamaica. In case you missed out on one of pop culture’s more bizarre tales in 2012, Snoop Dogg has apparently found Ja and will release his debut album as Snoop Lion this year. There’s a documentary to come, too. No shit. He’s really getting into it. Of course, it hasn’t been without its controversy – last month, the Rastafari Millenium Council stated that they felt Snoop was “fradulent,” and would sue him if he continued to use the SL moniker. Yikes. Still, my response thus far has been basically one of fence-sitting. The songs, produced by Major Lazer, haven’t hit me as being offensively bad – hell, I’ve even had a smirk or two in the couple of tracks I’ve heard. Dogg, Lion, whatever, y’know?

That was, of course, until I saw this clip. Dude is on a pretty massive Christ complex right about now, and it’s frankly quite ugly to look at. I’m not just talking about his hideous robes, either – it’s about setting himself up as some kind of messiah in a country he wasn’t even born in and doing it without a trace of irony. Like, f’real? This is where we’re at now? I can’t even begin to describe how baffling this is to watch. I mean, the guy’s done some ego-pleasing stinkers before, but this? I’m pretty flat out insulted by the whole thing. And I’m not even Jamaican. That said, Snoop: Jamaican me crazy here.


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