Watch This Now: Dune Rats – “Red Light, Green Light”

“If you don’t like it, then leave this place…”

Welcome back for a new year, everyone! This will be Y,WGAV!’s third year running, and I’m stoked to continually bring you new/exciting/interesting/terrible videos etc. from around the joint. On our first venture of the day, we’re headed to Brisbane to see what’s happening with your mates and mine, Dune Rats. This lot had a great year, doing national tours with bands like Bleeding Knees Club and Children Collide, and they kicked off 2013 with support slots for Best Coast and The Hives. Not too shabby, I reckon! Don’t think that success has gone to their heads, however- they’re still the same old fun-loving burnouts that you were drawn to in the first place.

As if to prove this, the band issued a Facebook challenge in which they would recreate DZ Deathrays‘ video for The Mess Up – the band’s infamous introduction to the music world in which they attempt to scull as many beers as possible within their song’s short time limit. There were just a few small changes – replace The Mess Up with DR’s own Red Light, Green Light. Oh – and trade beer for bongs. Should we also mention that the song goes for less than 2 minutes? It’s difficult to watch at points, but still wickedly funny- particularly when BC decides to do his best tugboat impression somewhere around the middle of proceedings. Are they mental? Completely. What better excuse to make them your new favourite band?

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