Top 30 Videos of 2012: 25 – 21

It’s time to march on, back into the finest videos 2012 had to offer us! We go from anarchic kids to eruptive booty-shaking with these five, so let’s get watching…

25. Jack White – Sixteen Saltines
Directed by AJ Rojas

As pleasant as Love Interruption was as a song, it wasn’t quite the “Oh my fuck, Jack White is back” return kick-in-the-pants that was needed. The boring performance video didn’t help, either. If there was a more drastic change between first and second singles – both musically and visually – in 2012, then I sure as shit didn’t see/hear it. To accompany the Stripes-y rock march, White and AJ Rojas enlisted a team of anarchic tweens to arrive, raise hell and leave within the song’s relatively short running time. For what it’s worth, these little brats make do with what time they have; tearing through abandoned warehouses and smashing shit up. It’s gripping and exhilarating – in other words, Sixteen Saltines was the “Oh my fuck, Jack White is back” moment that I was after.

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24. Ben Folds Five – Do It Anyway
Directed by Philip Hodges

Does it feel weird to anyone else that we’re talking about Ben Folds Five in the present again? Not that I’m complaining, of course – after fourteen years, it was such a joy to have these guys doing what they do once again. And what better way to celebrate the return of one of my childhood icons than with another childhood icon – you bet your arse we’re talking Fraggle Rock! The gang invades a recording session of the Five, being produced by a hilarious and hapless Rob Corddry. Naturally, some very cute and very geeky gags ensue. A smile on the dial is pretty much guaranteed here, especially when the cast breaks into the Fraggle theme song at the end. Clap-clap!

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23. Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj – Beauty and a Beat
Directed by Justin Bieber and Jon Chu

PARTY OVER HEE-EEERE! What an awesome effort on the Bieb’s behalf here. At a time where pop videos have more or less been deemed worthless without some form of advertising or whatever, we’re treated here to a delightful romp across what looks like the most truly bitching pool party an eighteen-year-old with an endless jar of wealth to draw from could possibly throw. Angled as “leaked footage” from JB’s phone, this party is impeccably choreographed and smartly paced – like most things in his world these days. For all the flack he still manages to receive from angry neckbeards, this video alone proves that JB has won. This shit is just a victory lap.

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22. Benjamin Gibbard – Teardrop Windows
Directed by Tom Scharpling

There’s nothing wrong with being nice – especially in the world of music, where there are simply too many dicks, fuckheads, cunts and arseholes to mention in a single post. Still, we’re eternally drawn to the bad ones, the rebels, the punks who don’t take no shit from no-one. Death Cab for Cutie frontman and eternal nice guy Ben Gibbard is all too aware of this – hence his decision to completely send himself up in this adorable clip. From his Freudian-slip tattoo to the brilliant snippet of would-be reality hit Gibbard House, there is just so much to love about this clip. Even if you’ve never thought much of Ben’s dorky demeanour, don’t worry – Teardrop Windows allows you  to laugh with him, as opposed to at him.

21. Diplo feat. Nicky Da B – Express Yourself
Directed by Shomi Patwary

Can a video be judged on the basis of an internet movement? Of course, it depends – but, in this instance, I certainly think it can. Dancehall king Diplo took dance crazes beyond mere horse-riding novelty and took that shit to Twitter. To this day, hundreds of #expressyourself photos are appearing online, doing the infamous booty-bouncing and gravity-defying video from the clip in a variety of scenarios and locations. Of course, none of this would have been possible were it not for the excellence of Express Yourself as a clip to begin with. One of the great things about Diplo has been the way he’s able to expose unique layers of dance culture that don’t always expand beyond their niche; turning them into global phenomena. This is potentially the best example of him doing just that to date. Work it.

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Catch up on part 1 here, and we shall see you with even more good times and brilliant clips from the year just past next week! Oh, isn’t it exciting!!


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