Watch This Now: Twincest – “Saint”

“Took me to fire, held me to flames…”

Here’s something a bit saucy out of Sydney, starring a dear ladyfriend of mine in Hayley Foster, who you may recognise from her days in Chaingang. She’s still rocking out like the fierce alpha-femme that she is, but the music is quite different – a lot more Peaches than The Pretenders, if you will. With Laura Noir by her side, it looks like we’ll be seeing some big things from Twincest in 2013. Right here is our first proper taste of what’s to come.

In this feisty clip, the ladies trade hooks as a series of identically-dressed ladies surround them. The fast-paced choreography – kudos, Amrita Tennant – adds a dash of craziness to the mix for good measure. They sure do manage to pack in quite a bit into the song’s short run-time – and, I have to say, the thing looks absolutely massive for what was basically a shoestring budget. Fabulous debut effort, ladies – let’s keep it at this level of bootylicious for future endeavours, yes? Yes? Alllrighty then!


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