Watch This Now: The Snowdroppers – “White Dress”

“I don’t want to have to teach you how to love me, baby don’t you understand…”

Rushing in with a late pass on this one, but I figured it was better late than never. This one deserved some massive credit, as it’s not only from one of my favourite live Australian acts, but one of the catchier blues-rock tunes I’ve heard in awhile. We’ll finally be getting a second album out of these motherfuckers in early 2013 (hey, how about a tour with Gay Paris?), and this is our first taster from it. One thing I’ve always been drawn to about the band is their aesthetic; how they truly sell themselves as old-time bluesmen in the clothing that they wear and the names they take on stage. It’s stuff like this, really, that makes them all the more entertaining – and videos like White Dress all the more disturbing.

In this b-grade horror pastiche, we see the band’s irrepressible vocalist Jeremy “Johnny Wishbone” Davison preparing for the day of his wedding. It seems fitting enough, really, that the woman he intends to marry is also being prepared – limb by limb. That’s right, Wishbone’s got himself a zombie bride, being put together by the other Snowdroppers after various grave-raids. It’s disturbing, stomach-turning and more than a little NSFW. In spite of all that, though, it remains completely watchable for all of its insanity. For me, the most fascinating thing about White Dress is the fact it hasn’t been pulled from YouTube yet. And here I was thinking that YouTube WASN’T a place for zombie titties. The world we live in! Although this is obviously a bit more Halloween than Christmas, it’s still worth a look-in.


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