Watch This Now: Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – “Do It with a Rockstar”

“Your animals are all alone, there’s a chicken waiting on the stove…”

Catching up again. This one has been hanging in my tabs for weeks, and I honestly have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get around to it. That said: Holy fucking shit, am I beyond glad that I did. Filming a wild party is not a new and exciting idea, people. It’s been done. You know it, I know it. With that being said, it takes a video like this to make it feel like it’s new and exciting – and who else to bring that fire back than Amanda Fucking Palmer and her new merry band of men?

Before the song even starts, we are treated to two different groups getting into the AFP show – a drag queen and her friends; and a group of hipster caricatures. Both provide some hilarious dialogue in the video’s opening minutes, before shit gets decidedly real as Amanda and The Grand Theft Orchestra take to the stage and tear through what’s become one of my favourite songs of the year, Do It with a Rockstar. All of the doubt, bitchiness and slander that went on in the previous scenes is gone. Everyone is going decidedly mental – from the freaky lead hipster who hooks up with the drummer, to The Flaming Lips‘ frontman Wayne Coyne, who is inexplicably and awesomely climbing over the top of the crowd on some kind of pipe. It’s beautifully chaotic, and a true joy to watch. Long live AFP.


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