Watch This Now: Milhouse – “Cereal”

“It’s 7:23 am, so grab your spoon and bowl…”

It’s been a great fucking year for Milhouse. These gents have gone from strength to strength, dropping a great new EP, selling out of seven-inches of their first one, working with NIDA on a kickarse video, extensive national touring… in other words, they’re pretty big wheels at the cracker factory nowadays. So, how exactly does one celebrate such a champagne year? Pretty easily – and hilariously, I might add.

As the title may suggest, the second video for Milhouse sees fearless bassist/FBi Radio personality/legend/coolest kid on the block Dave Drayton rip open a pack of Special K (beloved cereal of Lenny Leonard) and tip the whole thing into an extra large bowl (THAT’S why he had the bowl, Bart!) and proceed to chow the fuck down. There’s nothing more, nothing less. And the answer is yes, it is exactly as fucking funny, dry-wretch-inducing and ridiculous as you might think. In a way, it reminds me of the Children Collide video for Loveless, which took silver in my top 30 videos of last year. At the beginning, you see Johnny Mackay with a full head of hair and clown make-up; and at the end, he’s bleary-eyed, clean-faced and head-shaven. A similar fate awaits Dave: He starts off semi-terrified and smiling; and ends up semi-terrified, smiling, snorting and with milk through his entire beard. Shit just got real.


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