The Future of Y,WGAV!

Hey everyone!

David here. How’s things? I hope you’ve been well, and that you’re looking forward to the holidays.

Unfortunately, with so much going on for me lately, I just haven’t had the time to dedicate to this blog that it so very, very deserves.

I still love music videos, and I still love writing about them. So, this is not the end of Y,WGAV! by any means. I have to let you know that.

There will, however, be an extended break; after which the blog will return to its regularly scheduled programming.

So, here’s three things to look forward to:

1. Our last week of regular posting for the year!

Got some amazing new releases, catch-ups and old faves to discuss all through next week. Get amongst it.

2. Our annual Christmas special!

Boy, do we have some fucking doozies for you. All day, Christmas Eve, from 9am!

3. The top 30 videos of 2012!

This will be taking place across all of January, in the same style as this year’s. Should be great fun!

That’s all for now, dudes. See you on Monday!

– David


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