Watch This Now: Paul Banks – “Young Again”

“Time is disgraceful, we’re all just watching these days fall apart…”

He’s back! It’s been awhile since we heard from Paul Banks, the vocalist of Interpol and the artist formerly known as Julian Plenti. These days, he’s playing under his own name, and has just released his second solo album, imaginatively titled Banks. Banks has been a part of some truly great music videos in the past, among them 2005’s Evil clip (think: creepy puppet) and 2007’s The Heinrich Maneuver (think: super-slow-mo tragedy). In this instance, however, Banks has moved away from the bleakness of his former videography and opted for something a little more light-hearted.

At the beginning of the video, it simply appears that Banks is taking his two young children to school. It’s not long, however, until we find that Paul is going back to school himself, Billy Madison style. He’s tormented and bullied by the other kids, who all appear to be having a blast in this clip. Ultimately, however, you’ll see PB securing his revenge in one of the ultimate elementary/primary school showdowns. For a guy who’s often seen as humourless, Young Again is a pretty funny video. I guess some rockstars can soften up in their older age. The album’s not bad, too!


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