Watch This Now: The Black Keys feat. RZA – “The Baddest Man Alive”

“I’d grab a croc and I’d bite his tail, hack off the judge and put a guy to jail…”

Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of seeing The Black Keys live. It was a really great show, spanning nearly all of their career and getting a great, energetic response from the crowd. Overall? Pretty badass. Matter of fact, given their discography, I didn’t think TBK could get anymore badass. Oh, how young and naive I was. Yes, it was only about eight days or so ago, but how much has changed since then. What happened? Well, they made a video with RZA.

Yes, THAT RZA. Of the Wu-Tang Clan and of the new movie The Man with the Iron Fists, also starring Lucy Liu and David Bautista. In case you hadn’t the slightest of inklings, then the resulting video for this song, which is the lead single from the Iron Fists soundtrack is cooler than being cool. Ice cold. As the RZA and Dan AuerbachPatrick Carney have dinner, a waitress brings over a single fortune cookie. As all three go for it, an all-out brawl ensues across the restaurant. As far as movie tie-ins go, this lot have done a pretty damn awesome job. Smoothly edited, brilliant shot and hilarious to boot. The way that TBK have settled into a Tim and Eric-esque  craziness with their acting across their videography is something to behold. The RZA, meanwhile, is just flat-out ruling. What more can you say? Don’t fuck with these guys. They’re badass.


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