Watch This Now: The xx – “Chained”

“We used to be closer than this, is it something you miss?”

How have we not talked about The xx before? As cliched as all the hype has been around their follow-up to 2010’s xx record, I have to say that I have been mightily impressed with Coexist, the band’s second album that dropped earlier this year. It’s a perfect late-night listen, a perfect bliss-out listen and a perfect record to fall asleep to. Not that it’s boring, of course – it just happens to have a certain mystique and quietness to it that lures me into dream.

Okay, let’s get the hyperbole out of the way, and move on to the business at hand. The trio have just teamed up with a creative endeavour inventively titled The Creatives Project, which has brought the first official video from Coexist for the track Chained. The track seems to be documenting the demise of a relationship and a lack of intimacy with the perspectives of both people involved. Exactly what having all three band members jumping into water in super-slow-motion has to do with the song is anyone’s guess, but the two themes manage to merge together quite impressively. The locations are breathtaking, and that sense of being lost in the water alone (for the most part, at least) gives a great resonance to refrains like “we used to be closer than this.” One for the lovers.


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