Watch This Now: DZ Deathrays – “Cops Capacity”

“We bet that parties are rebel, you know it’s not the same if they’re not…”

Catch-up time for Y,WGAV! continues – hell, will we EVER be up to date? Who knows. All I can tell you is that DZ Deathrays are back in action. Since releasing their debut LP, Bloodstreams, the boys have been tearing up stages here and abroad with some world-class hype following their every move. They also released one of the best Aussie clips of the year, the Call Me Al parody of No Sleep, starring the one and only Arj Barker. How the hell do you follow up such an ingenious slice of madness?

One simple word: Dogs. Yep, they were one of the many highlights of the No Sleep video, galloping past in the final moments. Here, they return in a much more prominent form – the video for Cops/Capacity centres itself around two crooked cops that also happen to be canines. They harrass women, they smash up cars and they get stoned with criminals. I’m not going to lie to you – it’s pretty badass. The production/direction team of the Hayes Brothers have done a bang-up job, following these two evil dog-cops around Brooklyn and creating something perfectly-paced and darkly humourous, fitting the whole dealio perfectly. Now, can we please get these fuckers back to Oz for a show or two? That stage isn’t going to dive off itself, y’know.


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