Watch This Now: Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj – “Beauty and a Beat”

“What you got, a billion could have never bought…”

Do you think I’m a hypocrite for absolutely adoring this new video from Justin Bieber and poo-pooing the 1D-wannabes of The Janoskians the other day? Y’do? That’s fantastic! Why not get on the internet and complain about it? I hear that’s a fantastic medium for such things. You’ll win all the sports! Go, go, go! …okay, are they gone? Great. Let’s get down to this shit. The Biebs is back with the third video from his Believe album, following up what is easily the best video he has ever done, As Long As You Love Me. Of course it was going to be a shitfight to follow that one up, but for what it’s worth he’s done a pretty decent little effort here.

The angle here is that the footage of the video was “stolen” from JB’s phone and uploaded “anonymously.” Of course, the anonymous blogger is also a remarkable editor and producer, but stretch your imagination with me here for a second, won’t you? The Biebs is throwing a pool party, and it’s pretty simply a crazy good time for all involved. I literally thought Nicki Minaj was edited into this video, but I’m pretty sure she’s actually there. Goddamn, it’s pretty much just over a month until I see her live. That shit is going to be hectic. Ahh, goddammit, I’m a little boy. Just watch this already. POOL PARTY 2K12.


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