Watch This Now: Hey Geronimo – “Carbon Affair”

“The tiding is high and moving into town, I hope it doesn’t take you…”

What you know about recurring themes? Earlier today, we had Justin Bieber rocking a pool party like no-one’s business. Now, it’s Hey Geronimo‘s turn to party – and we’re headed to the beach. For those of you playing at home, Hey Geronimo are from Brisvegas. I know their drummer, Tony, from his other band The Boat People. The rest are unfamiliar faces, but have also done their time in Brissie bands; coming together to keep the party going. And why not? Carbon Affair is, for lack of a more perfect term, fuckin’ radical. I see it having no trouble in scaling to the top of the year’s best tracks.

As for the video, the band decide to throw a hugely cheesy beach party out of boredom. You seem to think you know where it’s going for the first minute or two – silly dancing, various hijinks, etc etc etc. Then, it goes grey – literally. It takes an absurdist twist that makes me like the video and song even more. How about that? Oh, what’s that? You want to know what happens? Jesus shit. Watch it for yourself!


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  1. […] now you get to see Kev and friends go on a super-cool beach party adventure. Yeah, a bit like the Hey Geronimo one from last year. Much like Carbon Affair, this one also takes a turn when unexpected company […]

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