Watch This Now: Solange – “Losing You”

“I don’t know why I fight it, clearly we are through…”

Catch-up week continues, as I finally get to wrapping my head around this one. It dropped back on the first of this month, and in that time has accumulated nearly 2 million views. That is outstanding for an artist that is essentially starting again from the ground up after two solo albums, reinventing her sound, style and aesthetic in the meantime. She’s rejected the major labels and gone with Terrible Records, an indie also home to CANTKindness and Chairlift, among others. She then headed over to Cape Town, South Africa to party on for a little while. This is the results of that.

I was flat-out loving this Blood Orange-produced track even before the video kicked in. When it did, though, I fell for it instantly. The locations are stunning, the editing is sharp and I love the mischief that Solange and co. get up to while they’re in the area. Very much a “when in Rome” type of party, perfectly fitting the song’s style and bringing it to strange new levels. I’m really impressed with this one, mainly for going above and beyond its simple execution into a celebration of the highest order. Guaranteed to raise a smile or ten.


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