Watch This Now: Kimbra – “Come Into My Head”

“You don’t speak the language, you don’t read my signs…”

Technically, this blog post shouldn’t even exist. If you know what Y,WGAV! is all about, then you know one indisputable fact: Kimbra is a goddess, an ambivalent deity that cannot be touched. Look at her credentials! Top 20 position for the best videos of 2010! Top 5 positions for the best videos of 2011 – yeah, she was in TWO! She’s one of the most-featured acts in this blog’s history. She is… she’s perfect. I LOVE Kimbra.

This is essentially a victory lap of my love, as she takes on a track from the US edition of Vows, her debut, with director Guy Franklin who also did the Cameo Lover clip. Here, we get to see Kimbra going batshit – and I mean that in the most delightful way possible. It’s flat-out disturbing to watch at times, as she bounds about the white room and does a far more convincing job of being crazy than bloody Ricki-Lee and her last piece-of-shit video. Watch out for the scalpel near the end, that’s all I’m gonna say. Do you need more convincing? Shit, are you even still reading this? Go! Scroll down!


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