Watch This Now: Sarah Humphreys – “Like a House Needs a Door”

“Like a lion needs a mane, like a child needs a name…”

Playing a bit of catch-up on some phenomenal videos at the moment, attempting to clear out my tabs so I can actually see what I’m doing. Let’s keep going now, with a super-cute little entry from one Sarah Humphreys. She makes summery, sugar-sweet indie pop for a living and, in turn, has given us a summery, sugar-sweet video to go with her new album’s lead single.

I could go on about the stunning locations, the great cinematography or even the too-cute cards that she gives out to strangers on the street that simply read “Hello.” For ages, I could go on about those things. They make me very happy indeed. With that said, I’m most drawn to one thing in this video – the fact that the chorus has a dance. Yes, it has a dance that you can learn and do and YOUR LIFE WILL BE ABOUT 80 TIMES BETTER BECAUSE OF IT. Mercy me. I just turned to liquid when I saw it for the first time. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You frown, you lose.


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