Watch This Now: Cub Scouts – “Told You So”

“You don’t know any better, don’t you know you gotta let her have her way…”

Is it wrong to feel pride for Cub Scouts? I’ve only met Tim Nelson, the band’s keyboardist/vocalist/founder, once; but as I documented in their last video release for Do You Hear, he was a big part of my MySpace upbringing in terms of music – and I have no idea where fellow heroes of the time, Ryan Taylor Bliss or Your Favourite Enemies ended up. Cub Scouts have been nailing it this year, with national touring and radio airplay and the like. Tim is a great songwriter, and I’m stoked that it’s all coming together for him and the rest of the Scouts. What’s more, the band are also validating their hype with some truly bitchin’ music videos.

Exhibit C: The video for Told You So. Here, we get to see the band abandon their instruments in order to form a bicycle gang to protect the band’s darling bassist, Zoe Davis. I wouldn’t dare talk down to this young lady or disrespect her, let alone try and smack her Bubble O’Bill on the ground like the rival gang does in this clip. This, friends, is where shit gets real. Gorgeously shot, cutely animated and a whole lotta fun – the band’s collaboration with collective Slink It Up has really paid off. I want to see more from both, and I want to see that shit ASAP!


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  1. […] blogging about little Tim Nelson so many years after the fact – see either of my previous posts about CS – and with his crew of baby-faced bandmates, he really is going from strength to […]

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