Watch This Now: Urthboy – “Knee Length Socks”

“Indie girls, dancin’ like perky little penguins…”

I’m just going to throw it out there: HAS there been a greater contrast between lead and second single videos this year? Please stop me if I’m wrong, of course, but this just seemed far too great to ignore. Exhibit A: Naive Bravado, the lead single from Urthboy‘s fourth solo album, Smokey’s Haunt. Black-and-white, gritty, violent, intense – rewarding and all, but dark and confronting nonetheless. Exhibit B: This, the video for Knee Length Socks, an ode to not fitting in at swanky King’s Cross clubs but celebrating that as opposed to leaving defeated.

We’re back in full colour, Urthboy is out of his hoodie and into a tuxedo, the divine Jane Tyrell by his side looking just as really, really ridiculously good-looking. Urthy’s younger self is played by a dorky kid with a twisted cap and a skateboard, watching all the young and beautiful people dancing quite differently to what he was used to. The clip is essentially a re-telling of the song’s story and motif, and it’s a really fun one to watch – just as much as it was to imagine the song’s story being played out upon hearing it the first time. Top show, Urthy! Don’t forget to grab Smokey’s when it drops on Friday, too.

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