Watch This Now: The Beards – “Got Me a Beard”

“Whenever I looked at a bearded man, it made me glad that I’d stuck to the plan…”

Okay, so I’m slightly late to the party on this one. Still, why would I EVER want to miss a video from the almighty bearded ones, known to us mere mortals as The Beards? We’re a few weeks away from their massive End of the World (For Beardless People tour, and I’m almost too keen to get amongst the madness in Wollongong. For now, though, this delightful animated romp will simply have to suffice – and that’ll do nicely, thanks all the same!

Our hero in the clip is a bearded dude who ends up in a nasty break-up due to his girlfriend wanting him to have a trim. Hell no, the beard won’t go. So, our hero gets out of the evil town of Shaverton and winds up in the Utopia of Beardland – a place for all bearded folk to roam free and in perfect harmony! Our hero has such a good time there, he decides to take the party all the way back to Shaverton. What follows is potentially the funniest final minute of a music video this year. No spoilers. You have been warned. Get bearded. Get bearded now.


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