Watch This If You Dare: Fozzy featuring M. Shadows – “Sandpaper”

“Abrasive wounds that never heal, bleeding emotions are hard to feel…”

Holy shit. AHAHAHAHAHA. Holy SHIT, dude. It seems as though heavy metal isn’t quite the multi-million dollar industry it once was. Despite having two jobs as a world-famous professional wrestler and as the singer in an international touring rock band, it seems Chris Jericho is doing it tough. He is officially unable to afford the following:

  • A decent director
  • A decent producer
  • A decent special effects guy
  • A decent choreographer
  • A decent cameo (who the fuck still cares about Avenged Sevenfold?)
  • A decent… anything, really.

We are dealing, ladies and gentlemen, with utter trash. Despite having some fantastic matches with wrestlers like CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler this year, Jericho seemed to think that now was as good a time as ever to return to his bro-metal/douche-canoe-rock band, Fozzy. Umm… why, exactly? And while we’re on the topic of unanswered questions, there’s even more that come with the video for Sandpaper. For instance, why exactly is everyone’s eyes white for about 45 seconds at the beginning before going back to normal? Why does everyone in the band apart from Jericho sport an ugly-as-sin bro-tee? What’s with the burying of the bushes at the end? Again, WHY is M. Shadows there? Eugh. I just… I just can’t, man. I’m done here. (flips table)


One response

  1. That is fucking worse than Cyber Hitler at the end of Wolfenstein

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