Watch This Now: Zebra Katz -“W8WTF”

“Smelling something brewing, like a batch of bitches’ tongues…”

Here’s something a bit weird and wonderful that went a little under my radar. Zebra Katz is a very engaging and exciting new artist emerging from that ever-burgeoning Mecca of cool that is NYC. He’s doing hip-hop, but on his terms – dizzy, warped beats and some particularly dark stories to go along with it. This right here is his second single and video – and I’ve got to hand it to him, the guy certainly knows how to make an impression at such an early stage of his career.

It’s unclear exactly what will grab your attention first: the stunning black-and-white surrounds that Katz finds himself in, or the fact that he has been handcuffed and is wearing a gimp mask. Various personas of Katz are sprawled across the apartment in which he has awoken, and it’s all quite unsettling and bizarre. Probably not something you’d want to be watching first thing – although it could send you into shock, which could be the exact kickstart you need. I dunno, all I’ll say is that the video is semi-NSFW and it’s not going to please everyone. Give it a chance, though – fuck knows that it deserves one.


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