Watch This Now: Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

“Find your piece of mind, with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine…”

Well, shit. Here it is. As soon as I heard Taylor Swift‘s jam-and-a-half new single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I knew two things almost immediately. The first was that it was going to be nigh-on impossible to get that fucker of a song out of my head for roughly the next month or so. The second was that the video, whenever it dropped, was going to be life-changingly fucking amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, I was NOT let down. We now have some very, very close competition to Justin Bieber‘s As Long As You Love Me video for the pop video of the year.

But how did we get here? Taylor isn’t normally the kind for outstanding pop videos. There’s been some good ones (the cute You Belong with Me) and even the occasional great one (the adorable Mean), but THIS level of greatness? There’s levels to it.

Declan Whitebloom of Mean and Ours returns to direct, focusing in on the best parts of his work on those videos and getting the pop princess down from her ivory tower. Her gloomy, look-off-into-the-distance videos invariably fucking blow, so letting T-Swizzle’s hair down and letting her enjoy the moment with a slab of squeaky-clean humour to keep things going.

Almost entirely a one-take effort, the video is full of gorgeous colour schemes, a very hunky leading arsehole ex-boyf in Noah Mills and… there was one other thing. What was it? Oh yeah, that’s right. HER ENTIRE BAND IS DRESSED UP LIKE WOODLAND CREATURES. I mean… it’s just perfect.

This is exactly what this song needed. This is exactly what Taylor needed. This is exactly what the pop video world needed. I hope this gets 85 billion views and earns Taylor enough money to buy her puppy a mansion.


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