Watch This Now: Minus the Bear – “Steel and Blood”

“Two become one, the confiding of a car crash…”

God, it’s good to have Minus the Bear back. They’ll always have their detractors, but I still find them to be one of the most engaging and exciting rock bands of the indie persuasion going right now. Hyperbole? Just listen to them, man – they manage to cram more ideas into one song than most bands can fit into an entire discog. Truly! Anyways, I’ll stop my oozing of lurve for this lot and talk shop: MtB have a new record. It’s called Infinity Overhead. It’s really good. They’ve made a video for the first song on the album. It, too, is really good.

Let’s take a closer look – here, on the Steel and Blood video, the band depict an intense relationship based on lust, danger and the occasional criminal activity. Not exactly Bonnie and Clyde, but it’s dark enough to lure you into the larger plot going on. The footage of the two delinquent kids is mixed in with footage of a rich elderly man making his way about the day – I originally thought this might have been a flashback, but it manages to blend into quite a violent and bizarre finale. See what you make of it – although somewhat confusing, I still found it kind of beautiful.


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