FEATURED FRIDAYS – My Favourite Video: Trash McSweeney

Trash McSweeney is an Australian musician,
best known as the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of The Red Paintings.

He has picked two of his favourite videos: Jorga by Bjork and
Three Dimensions by Something for K

This song has been such a massive influence on my life and the string direction in many TRP songs. So much feeling and power. The digital graphics in this video flows well with the song for me. I love the story of this video, the beginning of the world’s continents in a past time on planet earth. That is Bjork’s gift, I feel – to make epic sounding music about huge changes and epic stories with such simple and beautiful instrumentals and melodies. I can never get enough of that Icelandic sound.

Easily my most favourite Aussie band. I think Paul Dempsey could out do any artist just on his lyrics alone. Oh, and a pleasure to see Clint Hyman smash it out on drums.  I picked this one as I always admired the metaphors and symbolism Paul uses in his videos that relate to his songs. This being a stylistic little video with enough charm to take out Metallica.  Excited to see these guys are back after 6 years with a new album. Bring it on.

The Red Paintings are on tour in Australia throughout September. For a full list of dates, visit the band’s official website – www.theredpaintings.com


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