Watch This Now: Drunk Mums – “Rubbing Your Gums”

“You’re walking in, trying to act lazy…”

Holy shit. I’m still not entirely sure of what I just saw. I don’t know whether to be laughing hysterically, throwing up or crying in the corner. This right here is quite possibly the trashiest, most demented and wildly inappropriate video I’ve seen all year – and, considering the kind of crazy shit that ends up on my desk every day, this is no small feat. The band is Drunk Mums, a quartet of self-described “rock & roll yobbos” from Melbourne. Although I was previously unfamiliar with them, this is definitely an act I’m going to be keeping an eye on from here on in.

Our story begins in a messy bedroom, clearly after a massive night out. The anti-hero then awakes – and at this point it’s probably worth mentioning that HE IS A BAT WITH A DICK FOR A FACE. A GIANT, PLASTIC, INFLATABLE DICK FOR A FUCKING FACE.If you’re not completely and wholeheartedly sold from this point in, I guess there’s no luring you back in… unless, perhaps, I let you know that HIS GIRLFRIEND HAS A VAGINA FOR A FACE. SERIOUSLY. What follows is about on par with Smack My Bitch Up in terms of drunken naughtiness, and it absurdly ends with none of it resolved. I guess that was the point? Whatever the case, do NOT watch this around children – or, of course, if you are one yourself.


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