Watch This Now: Redd Kross – “Stay Away From Downtown”

“Birds of prey, they see everything, they’re coming to get you…”

Back in April, I had the pleasure of watching the legendary Redd Kross play live. Not only play live, but play their fucking brilliant Born Innocent LP in full – and hell it was some fun. This is a band with more energy than bands half their age – there’s just so much love for what they do, it’s unshakable. That’s been translated into their brand-new album, Researching the Blues, and now they’re bringing that energy to their music videos.

Stay Away From Downtown is just your standard “band playing in front of a screen” video. Oh, except one thing – they’ve all got facepaint on, a la KISS or a black metal band – and it’s never once alluded to or mentioned. It’s as if they’ve done the entire video and then noticed they’re dressed up like that. The little things in this clip get to me, too – who’s the girl just casually watching in the background? Is that Steve McDonald standing with two girls on the screen that have the exact same make-up as the band? Was that… was that a crucifix? A red cross, if you will? Guys, I don’t think I’m going to sleep until I’ve figured out what the fuck is going on here. Go enjoy the video while I try and make some more sense of it. Losing battle? Yeah, maybe. I regret nothing!


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