Watch This Now: Sensorites – “Fool”

“I’ve got songs to write, gigs to play, gods to smite…”

Gooooooood morning! Got something a tad cute for you today, starring a little band from across the pond called Sensorites. They’re a couple of charming English lads with a couple of releases under their belt and a charming, rootsy take on vintage pop. This here is their latest single, and they’ve gone with a very simple but sweetly effective music video, in collaboration with Off the Record Productions, to promote it. As good an idea as any, I say!

Here, the band’s lead singer, Nathan Kirkham, finds himself in bed with a model – hey, what rockstar doesn’t these days? She’s clearly trying to get him interested (and huge credit to the entire band for showing great restraint here), but Nathan’s much more focused on jamming on the song with his bandmates, who also inexplicably end up in his bed. It’s very low-budget fun here, revolving mostly around the bedroom and the band’s antics surrounding it. Very cheeky, very cute and very charming. Check this lot out. I feel like ruffling their hair and buying them a beer. Maybe you might, too!


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  1. Great tune an great vid, love these guys tunes.

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