Watch This Now: Gotye – “Save Me”

“All the dead ends and disappointments were fading from your memory…”

This does my heart good. The success of Gotye, all tall poppy syndrom aside, is wholly inspiring and so incredibly well-deserved. He’s one of the biggest stars in the world now, but is still constantly creating and making great art. The slew of videos that have come out in support of Making Mirrors are a reflection of that – it’s no secret that the Somebody video was/is kind of a big deal, taking out the top spot in our top 30 videos of 2011 countdown and getting nearly 300 million views on YouTube. Although this is a more understated effort – as well as a more understated song, really – it’s still quite a beautiful effort, for one of the best tracks from the album.

For Save Me, Wally de Backer has teamed up with animator extraordinaire Peter Lowey, who was last seen on this site with Art vs. Science‘s great video for With Thoughts video. In it, an animated Wally (presumably) begins as little more than wires and atoms. Over the time of the video, he slowly evolves and develops, growing more of his anatomy slowly but surely. He is growing into a fully-formed human. But something is still missing. It’s a painfully accurate reflection of the song’s ideas and emotions, gorgeously drawn and meticulously created. I think Lowey did an absolutely wonderful job with this – and if that’s the last we hear of Making Mirrors, then it’s a wonderful note to end on.


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