Watch This Now: Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”

“Now I’m home, and I’m blind, and I’m broke – what is next?”

Holy FUCK. Old mate Tom Waits has been teasing something new for awhile through a series of photos and cryptic messages, and now it’s finally here: the video for one of my favourite songs of last year, Hell Broke Luce. There was already a fairly impressive fan video up online which was comprised entirely of footage from the film Apocalypse Now, which suited the song’s terrifying death march pretty perfectly. Although there’s no war footage here, Waits still manages to bring a delightfully sinister feel to the video – as he’s bound to do with every clip he’s in, really.

What can I say? The man just has a fucking terrifying presence. He looks like he could kill you by looking at you sideways with no reservations about it whatsoever. Here’s, he’s dragging along a goddamn house with his bare hands through desert and other scary territory. It’s dark, mostly sepia, and it’s fucking brilliantly animated.  There’s marching skeletons and Tom himself dancing with a giant spoon and a toy gun. It’s weird, it’s wonderful, it’s twisted – it’s Tom Waits. You either love the shit out of it or you don’t. That’s all.


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  1. Oh man. I’ve got to watch Parnassus again.

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