Watch This Now: Loon Lake – “Cherry Lips”

“He calls you by your last name, but thinks it is your first…”

Here’s something a little bit cute for your Tuesday – one of my favourite local bands, Loon Lake. They’ve just relelased their second EP, Thirty Three, for absolutely free, and have just done a video for the EP’s second single. Good times ahoy! These guys are really entertaining to me for their total lack of pretension or caring about their image or style – in fact, I see them as going full circle as being so openly uncool that they are one of the coolest Australian bands I know. Weird how things work out that way, right?

The video is a very simple concept: Get really, really, ridiculously good looking people to mime along to Cherry Lips and dance according with the “shake your sexy hips” line. I don’t know where the Lakers found all of these people, but the fact that there’s a 100% consistency rate of excruciating babedom (across both genders), I must speak to their talent scout. Y’know, for research purposes and such. Anyway, there’s not much more to it than that – which, to me, is a good thing. I’m all for high-concept art, but sometime you just can’t beat something as simple and as purely fun as this.


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