Watch This Now: Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean – “As Long As You Love Me”

“Seven billion people in the world, trying to fit in…”

Well, shit. It looks like Justin Bieber has had another Justin moment – Timberlake, that is. Although it’s early days yet, his sophomore Believe is already being touted as his FutureSex/LoveSounds, and I’m starting to think that this new video of his will be regarded as his What Goes Around… It’s the darkest, most confrontational, most exciting and unquestionably the best video the Biebs has ever put his name to. It’s not going to “silense da haterz,” regardless of what the tween Twittersphere tells you. What it will do, however, if there is any justice, is remove the novelty surround him and bring the focus to his serious cuts as a major pop star.

Here, JB plays a young lover trying to get to his girlfriend… with her overbearing father the only thing standing in his way. The opening scene presents the two having a very honest discussion over their relationship, with the father played very darkly and aggressively – this ain’t no One Less Lonely Girl or Baby, kids. It gets ugly with threats, and the song begins soon after. It’s then a mix of dancing, romantic reminiscing and some wordless confrontations that lead to the fairly shocking ending. I didn’t quite see it coming, to be honest, and it’s got to be the first time I’ve ever felt that way about a JB video. This is about as interesting and mature as you’re going to get out of an 18-year-old pop sensation – and I gotta say that it’s a very impressive effort. A lot more impressive than I was ever planning to give it credit for, that’s for sure. Wonderful. Take a look, regardless of your stance on Bieber Fever, and see what you make of it.


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