Watch This Now: Dappled Cities – “Born at the Right Time”

“When I wake up showered in the morning light, I’ll know that it’s gonna be alright…”

H’oh-boyo-boyo-boy! The new Dappled Cities record is almost here. I can feel it in my waters. Their last video, Run with the Wind, was a very sharply done twist of insanity in the midst of a racetrack. This one is a little more upbeat, but no less engaging – as a matter of fact, I kind of love it. It captures the energy of the song pretty perfectly, and it’s not too demanding or twisted in concept. What you see is what you get – and it doesn’t get much more Dappled than that.

Two words, kids: PARTY. BUS. That’s right, for this little adventure the DC boys decided to rent out a bus and jam out their disco-flavoured single with a few dozen of their nearest and dearst – who all happen to be really hot twentysomethings. Naturally. A couple more cuties get on, romance sparks. You know how it goes by now. It’s been done before – most recently in Gossip‘s Men in Love video – but I’m all about the goddamn party bus. It’s a really fun reflection and visualisation of a really endearing and catchy tune. Get at it! Oh, and Lake Air is out TODAY! Yippee!



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