Watch This Now: Feistodon – “A Commotion”

“It ripped the books off the shelf, it turned heaven to hell…”

Dudes. Seriously. Am I the only one who thought/thinks this is one of the most badass things to happen to either artist in their entire career? I’ve spoken about how much I dig both in the past – Mastodon just yesterday, and Feist back in February – but the fact the two came out with a collaborative seven-inch in which they covered one another’s songs is just… it rules. So much. No-one cares about genre or whether it’s “cool” or whatever the fuck else: They did it because they dig each other’s music. Nothing more, nothing less. And now, we get to see the mighty Feistodon in action through this wicked video.

Okay, so it’s not quite what you think – Leslie Feist herself stars in this video of Mastodon covering her own track. She goes pretty wild, in accordance with the band’s proggy take on her original. There’s a lot of shit that gets trashed, with Leslie going ape amidst a smashed violin and what looks like a torn pillow. It’s a really creative, unpretentious reflection on this unlikely collab, and you come to appreciate both acts more just through watching this. It gets wilder and wilder as it goes on, culminating in a gang of Feist’s friends losing their collective shit. Now, that’s what rock and roll is all about, kids.


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