Old Favourites: Mastodon – “Deathbound”

“Standing close to the throne, violent ’cause I cannot see…”

Sometimes, I enjoy combining two of my favourite things and seeing what happens. Recently, I added some store-bought ham to the top of my meatball sub at Subway, and it blew my freaking mind. This is the video equivalent of said ham-on-meatball-sub: it’s one of my favourite modern metal bands, Mastodon, teaming up with one of my favourite channels, [adult swim]. The result is a hilariously freaked-out excercise in cartoon violence and grade-school sadism that will have you both screeching with glee and terrified that you find such things so entertaining at the same time.

Drummer Brann Dailor is the only member of the band to appear in the video, introducing himself as a Mister Rogers-type character explanining about the solar eclipse. “I hope our friends in Magic Land are doing okay,” he signs off. Naturally, things aren’t so good. From there, it’s a series of disastrous events in Magic Land – there’s death, destruction, shit blowing up everywhere, things getting eaten, robots, monsters and whatever the fuck else came into the director’s twisted minds.

Mastodon have done some very cool clips over the years – Oblivion and Curl of the Burl comes to mind – but this is far and way their best. And they didn’t even have to do anything in it! How about that?


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