Watch This Now: Chicks Who Love Guns – “Shin Okubo”

“So don’t waste my time, ’cause my time is money…”

There don’t appear to be many fencesitters when it comes to Chicks Who Love Guns. I’ve got some friends who think they’re one of the best live bands in Australia; while I have other who think they’re more concerned with what they wear than how they play. They’re a very divisive, confrontational act – but, I have to say, they haven’t quite done anything to piss me off that royally just yet. In fact, quite the opposite – I’ve found their live shows to be very impressive, and this new video to be a very cool effort for such a relatively low budget.

I think I like Shin Okubo especially because it’s a pastiche of styles that I’m quite into – the colour inversion reminds me of Crowded House‘s Saturday Sun, while the warping of pixels recalls that very trippy Chairlift video from a couple of years back. Of course, neither of those videos featured the entire band in kimonos and full geisha do-up, smoking and skating as if they were in their street clothes. I’m not entirely sure of the connection between the geisha thing and the song, but I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning going on there. Anyways, I got nothin’ against these kids – but, of course, it’s up to you, dear reader. What do you make of all this?


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