Watch This Now: March of the Real Fly – “You Should Be Real”

“Three faces, all in time, I am leaving this time…”

Here’s a cute kickstart for your week: Meet March of the Real Fly. A relatively new name, these Blue Mountains have been making all kinds of ruckus with their creative DIY attitude (total budget of their first EP: two dollars) and entertaining live presence. Having seen them last year opening for Loon Lake (and even taking a brief stint on tambourine for their set), I can affirm that these kids are worth watching – but hell, don’t take my word for it. Why not take a couple of minutes to check out their latest video?

Hearing a version of this song that doesn’t sound like it’s being played through AM radio speakers will be an odd transition to anyone who heard the original, but it’s a feeling that will gently and quickly pass. Here, the four Real Fly kids get creative with little more than coloured backdrops and some props; including keyboards, rubber chickens and two-minute noodles. There’s also a brief animated sequence, but I’m not going to tell you the specifics on that one – you’ll have to watch for yourself! What I can tell you is that these guys obviously had a stack of fun putting this one together, and if there isn’t anything here that doesn’t at least give you the gentlest crack of a smile, then you must hate Mondays more than Bob Geldof and Garfield combined. Good luck with that.


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